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The Spa at Briarcliff is a state-of-the art resort-style spa boasting Tuscan-inspired amenities and providing both relaxing and therapeutic treatments. The entire team at the Spa at Briarcliff is dedicated to helping you relax, rejuvenate and live your best life.





  • See the available massages and body work options at the Spa at Briarcliff

    Massage & Body Work

    Scientific studies continue to reveal that the healing power of touch increases cellular water content, boosts the immune system, improves sleep patterns, reduces stress and lifts the spirit. Healing touch can take many different forms, including massage, connective tissue manipulation and foot reflexology. All body therapies deliver ultimate relaxation and maximum results.

  • See the available skincare therapies and waxing services at the Spa at Briarcliff


    Revitalize your skin, relax your mind and discover a dramatic improvement in your appearance with our medically advanced facial therapies. Our professional treatments combine a high concentration of active ingredients with the healing power of touch, providing results far more advanced than you can achieve with home care alone.

  • See the available aesthetic advanced treatments at the Spa at Briarcliff

    Aesthetic Advanced Treatments

    For those clients who are candidates for cosmetic medical procedures, we offer complimentary consultations with one of the most experienced physicians in the area.

  • See the available experiences at the Spa at Briarcliff


    We strive to make your experience with us an exceptional part of your journey to wellness. In addition to our traditional services, we also offer our guests exclusive access to services offered only at The Spa at Briarcliff such as our European Bath Ritual or The Float Experience.

  • See the available nail services at the Spa at Briarcliff

    Nail Services

    Our “clean touch” system guarantees your safety and protection as all metal implements are sterilized to medical standards. In addition, all other tools are disposed of after every client. Treatments are topped off with an extended massage and your choice of non-acrylic polish or buff shine.

  • See the available body treatments at the Spa at Briarcliff

    Body Treatments

    Not only is your skin your largest and most visible organ, it’s connected to every other system in your body — so your skin’s health influences and reflects your overall health. Getting one of our body treatments is the perfect way to care for your skin and feel your best both physically and emotionally.

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    The Spa at Briarcliff waxing services remove unwanted hair with gentle wax and state-of-the-art techniques.